Great day at the USMA car show on May 27th. Four members attended, Les, Ray S., Tom, and Ray G. We each received a trophy. They had a great turnout 157 paid registrations and another 40 plus. Our club sponsored 4 - 4ft. trophies. We had a blast!


The first link to over 200 photo's taken by one of our members, Mike Woods of our second annual Summer Round Up.  The second link contains another 225 photos on 3 pages of photos taken by Ray Santos.  The class winners start on the bottom of the second page and end on the top of the third page (names/vehicles to be published on the site soon.)


The image below should transition to the next picture after about 2 seconds.  If not, please click on the arrows in the image or use your right and left arrow keys to scroll through approximately 225 pictures from this year's Summer Roundup.  The next photo has the remaining photos.  Special thanks to Ray Santo and Les Gyori for the photos!