The Motor City Chapter is Chapter 91 of POCI was formed in 2007 and encompasses the "Tri-County" area (Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties) in South-Eastern Michigan. We have a bi-monthly newsletter "Spokes" published by Gains McDonald. 

Our current officers are:

President:  Kenny Galdes kengaldes(at)gmail.com

Vice President:  John Berzsenyi  wyldgoat65(at)aol.com

Secretary:  Ray Santo rs65GTO(at)aol.com

Treasurer:  Ray Golota raygolota(at)gmail.com

Director:  Lori Woods snowbaby48356(at)yahoo.com

Director:  Les Gyori  les_gyori(at)hotmail.com

Activity Coordinator:  Brian Doughterty  brian.1.doughterty(at)gm.com

Newsletter Editor:  Gains McDonald gains.m.mcdonald(at)aol.com

Webmaster:  Mike Erickson  merickson29(at)live.com

Dedicated to the Preservation, Restoration, and Enjoyment of Oakland, Pontiac & GMC Vehicles.  Please right-click on the image below and "save image as"  in order to save the file as a .JPG to be able to open and print the membership application.


For new members, please print off the application, and mail it in.  Please make sure to print-preview to make sure the application fits on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper.